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A boiler is a heating system that works to heat water up and send it to radiators within your home to provide the appropriate amount of heating. There are different types such as steam, hydronic heat, or combi boilers. Steam boilers aren’t used as much these days due to the high amount of energy used to create steam. They have their advantages though such as not having a requirement to use pumps, since the steam naturally rises up to the radiators in your home. Hydronic boilers will use pumps to push the hydronic heating around the house, so you can have radiant-heated floors or radiators working in your home. Combi boilers produce both energy-efficient heating and hot water in your home, so you don’t have to rely on a tank or tankless water heater.

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With many different options for boilers, it can be tough to determine which is right for you. Fortunately, our courteous and insured professionals at Max Heating and Cooling can answer all your questions and help you figure out which boiler system to go for. We also service all makes and models of boilers, so you can get all your necessary maintenance and repairs done through us!

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If you’re in Saugus, MA; Melrose, MA; Wakefield, MA; Lynnfield, MA; Winchester, MA; Arlington, MA; Lexington, MA, make sure to call us at 617-865-0955 if you need installation, maintenance, or repairs! We’ll help you figure out which boiler system will be the most energy efficient in your home and even help you determine how to make your existing boiler more energy efficient with smart sensors, smart thermostats, and advanced home automation for huge energy savings!

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Had a great experience with Max Heating and Cooling. Had our forced steam radiator system replaced with a central heating/cooling system. Dan, Sam, and team were great – responsive, friendly, prompt.

Jessica Z.

Max Heating and Cooling has made a significant improvement at my house! The Team installed mini-splits that I have been coveting for quite some time.

Marcia M.

From start to finish, I had a stellar experience with Dan and his team at Max Heating & Cooling.

Derek W.

Dan Palmieri was a pleasure to work with! He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, recommending a system that was ideal for my house and priced very well.

Joe G.

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